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Fleet Management

Safety and Security is the foremost agenda of managing the transport company. We focus on keeping the workforces’ safe, by giving them the right tools to do it right the first time. SpotOnGPS is the key to making profitable impacts by focusing on targeted data of your fleet, such as distance covered, fuel consumptions, routes etc. Smart dashboards are enabled, through our monitoring system that works 24/7 to acquire data from the workforces (driver records), vendors, and clients. With our virtual intelligence program, we almost keep decisions ready for you to take it.

Taxi Management

We like customer feedback, however delighting our customers is the key. Giving our customers great service by understanding the value of time and at SpotOnGPS we believe “Time Is Money”. Our accurate tracking system makes it more reliable, thus allowing the taxi services convenient(on-time), hassle free and safe.

Public Transport

SpotOnGPS has developed a public transport tracking system to cater to the needs of the common man. We looked at regulations deeply, and have fit in a mechanism to solution the traffic and traffic violations. We put in our focus in tracking public buses and other public mode of transportations making them safer. Over all control includes instant speed alerts (allowing the municipality or traffic authorities to take immediate actions), accurate drive-time (being able to know if there are any unauthorized stops, or any change in directions/deviations etc). Making safety the priority and building a uniform trust in the country.

School Bus Tracking

Believing is a choice, SpotOnGPS gives you confident choices when it comes to safety of your child. SpotOnGPS allows both Parents and School authorities to be at ease, as we track and monitor every action on a real-time basis. It gives you alerts, the exact location of the school bus (pick-up start time/drop time), authorized stops, speed (pre- controlled and pre-set speed limit), driver authentication details (Complete contact information alert on your devices/ or change of new authorized driver by the school), attendance capture (auto-attendance capture of the child, tell you the number of children in and out), etc.

Personal Tracking

We live in a world to presume the unexpected, and by all means SpotOnGPS simplifies it further with a geo-fencing system for your children and elders. Once the virtual area is set-up, the system tracks and reports the location on a real-time basis by just keeping a device on you. You simply carry them around in your pocket or bag or a device on your wrist. It also helps in preventing your loved ones from wandering away into new or unsafe territories.

Bicycle Tracking

SpotOnGPS offers a bicycle tracker that is designed to support in all weather conditions (waterproof device), yet fit the styling component meant for bicycles. It is enabled with a location navigator, emergency alerts, an anti-theft system enabled with a built in GPRS to track the current location.

Ambulance Tracking

Health and Safety to every citizen in the country is everyone’s responsibility and to be able to give back to the society with our product is priceless (to be able to save lives). With SpotOnGPS, the ambulance can reach the nearest hospitals, by prognostic traffic analysis, allows you to monitor the siren usage, identify if the usage of siren is necessary. All these live communications, the doctors can be ready to treat their patients, without wasting any time. Increased efficiency has shown better results and has helped rebuilt trust in SpotOnGPS.

Work Force

The first step is to manage productivity and create effective lucidity. Our approach is to channelize smart approach in building talent, by eliminating the cumbersome process. Our software foretells to be available at the client’s locations with a just in time plans. Allowing a steep increase in productivity and effective governance. With SpotOnGPS, we can map competency by creating trips for our own on-field salesforce, with a complete support system of their time and attendance, meeting reminders, reimbursement processes, and more importantly a live monitoring system.

Waste Management

Swachh Bharat is a philosophy in the country in every way. To build strong dynamics, we have looped garbage disposal trucks with SpotOnGPS to better our current waste management systems. The tracker alerts the authorities with a notification, once the truck reaches the collection points or misses any garbage collection or when it reaches the assigned dump yard as per the schedule. The tracker enhances a segmented approach to differentiate trucks based on the waste segregation by disposal category.

Senior Citizen & Child Tracking

Most of the youth population is tied up with a full-day routine job. This often leaves them unable to attend to the needs of elders and children at home. SpotOnGPS provide you with a system that helps safely track the location of elders and children to prevent them from venturing into unknown and unsafe territories.