SpotOnGPS Tracker

Today it is all about supremacy of managing businesses. With SpotOnGPS Tracker we manage our fleet more efficiently. The technology we use helps monitor your vehicles round the clock thus giving you the exact data. SpotOnGPS can gauge the exact speed of the Vehicles, the destination covered, the routes taken, fuel etc. Our software records it and helps you to create detailed analysis to drive better business strategies.

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Our product offers hassle free solutions which includes


Enables you to keep a track of your vehicles location with instant alerts for further regulations by allowing you to have complete control. It allows you to even monitor the speed and supersede to limit it.


A supremacy of knowing details and able to better capture it with accuracy. This gives us physical location to the photographs metadata. This also gives you a more precise data such as the latitude and longitude.


We allow you to be at peace and follow more important objectives by creating a virtual perimeter to a real world geographic area. This way our software will instantly trigger if the boundaries are crossed. It informs you of any misuse of the vehicle, or in case of theft.


Creating a customized alert basis the need is our core. Your ask is the need and we set alerts such as panic alerts (even with no GPS signals), SOS alerts, over speeding, route deviations, etc.


Our portal and mobile app is best of a kind and it continues to evolve overtime based on our deep learning feature. With this we make your office a smart and interactive. Our smart record-keeping feature helps you to reduce paper consumption and still gives you information at your fingertips.


Allow us the liberty to give you smart insights about managing your assets. Our repository of MIS reports gives you countless and more accurate information about distance, map history, over speeding & fleet usage. Our data gives you the freedom to make timeless pronouncement's to strategically operate business with greater and sound profitable impacts.


Our software triggers alerts based on what your vehicle feels, it freezes you to make the right choices. Our smart built-in mechanics tells you when it is time for oil change of your vehicles, your periodic service, or any pre-conditions such as vehicle insurance, parts change etc.


Sharp decisions drives profits; our software gives you complete data of drive distance of the vehicles, fuel consumption rate, routes taken etc. All of the data enables you to make better business strategies.

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